Mindful Clock
A little program to make your computer into a Bell of Mindfulness

At this point I am just going to post the most recent version of the Mindful Clock.  If there is a cry for older versions I will post others.  I am providing these as Microsoft Installer files, which everyone should be able to run.  If you have an older computer it may need to download a newer version of Microsoft Installer.

NOTE: You have to right-click and select 'Save Link As' in order to download the files...

Here are some alternative bell sounds you might enjoy.  I have more someplace, if people are interested I can look for them:
  • Bell1   This is the Version 2 bell. It is nice and deep, with strong tremelo.  About 35 seconds long and louder than the default.
  • Bell2   This one has nice overtones, similar to the current default bell, but it is louder and lasts longer.
  • SBell1  This is the same small bell, just louder than the default.
  • SBell2  This one is louder yet!

Please feel free to send me comments in Support